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Sweet Cillie’s Cakery in Tokai

Sweet Cillie's cakes

Mouth watering selection of cakes made the good old fashioned way

The sweetest spot in Cape Town

As you all know, I’m no foodie and usually struggle to understand a menu.

So many fancy words drizzled all over the page, I usually end up requesting an interpreter.

But, I do love to eat, so when I was invited to take my mom and my hungry fireman son to Sweet Cillie’s, I thought,  ” yay, cakes and coffee, can’t go wrong with that”

Well, were we in for a surprise and a treat of note.

Situated on Tokai Road right at the traffic lights, walking in to Cilla de Jonge’s Sweet Cillie’s Cakery is like inhaling a smile.

Walking in to happiness

The colours are warm, the faces are friendly, and it smells like cake with a hint of coffee.

Local is lekker and Sweet Cillie’s serves and stocks healthy Carmien rooibos tea blends and infusions, and Terbodore coffee.

I loved the decor at Cillie’s, slightly retro, with excellent attention to detail, but very subtle.

I kept noticing new little touches, like the clock in the shape of a cupcake, or the tiny framed prints of women enjoying tea.

Cilla has created a very comfortable space in this little corner spot on a busy main road.

Loved the decor at Sweet Cillie’s

Sampling the winter menu

While you are here, just try out the winter menu, smiles Cilla, and out came a feast.

Eyes popping and mouths watering, all conversation ceased as we got stuck in to Babotie, butter chicken, vegetable curry, a healthy looking grilled haloumi wrap, 3 homemade pies filled with chicken, spinach and curried mince, and a huge Mediterranean salad.

Even Rob the hungry fireman could not finish everything.

Sweet Cillie's winter menu

Real food made good. Butter chicken at Sweet Cillie’s

For the love of cheesecake

We sat back, replete and enjoying a rooibos tea when smiling Cilla reappeared with a plate laden with deserts.

Cheesecake is her favourite treat, so why stop at one flavour when you can have eleven.

We had a huge slice of each, with flavours ranging from peanut butter, Oreo, New York Style, praline, red velvet and lemon and sour cream.

Generous is an understatement when it comes to Cilla’s servings and you don’t need to ask for a doggie bag, it is a given that what you can’t eat now, you will savour a little later.

Even the take away packaging makes you smile, how can you not when the box is shocking pink with white dots… and sparkles of course.

There is a lot packed into this cozy little space. Breakfast, lunch, treats and even Cilla’s meals as frozen take aways. Cilla makes it easy for you to sample her food made with love. It’s a hug in your mouth.

Cake and sparkles, a winning combo

Cakes can be ordered for any occasion and Cilla believes in sparkles.

Follow the Face Book page to get a heads up about the High Tea. It does not happen very often and is booked out fast. I am told it is almost a life changing experience. Real, actual foodies said that.

If Cilla was an animal she would certainly be a rainbow unicorn.

A little shy, I sense she is happier in the open plan kitchen than she is posing for a photo, but her passion for cooking and baking the old fashioned way is evident when she starts talking about her products. She is a sparkly, happy kind of person and this reflects in her creative cakes, many are sprinkled with glitter, bright colours and adorned with intricately made icing decorative details.

Cilla, the magician behind the tastes.

Sweet Cillie’s is more than just a yummy eatery, it’s a celebration of food and happiness.

Take your friends and family and you can thank me later.

Check the times and pop in.

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