The Roaming Giraffe is an independent travel blog that tells the stories of adventures, discoveries and mishaps of a South African travel writer.

Hi, I’m Di Brown aka the Roaming Giraffe.

If you prefer personal accounts to ratings and reviews, believe you are never too old for a new adventure, are intrigued by Africa, wish to be a more responsible traveller and love to discover new places, then you have come to the right place.

Roaming Giraffe at the Devils pool

Di Brown, the Roaming Giraffe

I loathe being in photo’s #justsaying

I chose this name mainly for my great stature of 155 cm fully grown.

I also like giraffe because they eat leaves and berries rather than other animals. Much as I adore nature I never want to see a kill because I would be the one doing the ugly cry and  rooting for the animal who is about to become lunch.

Life can be messy, mundane and unpredictable.

This blog is my happy place where I share the positive stories of my travels.

I am not very brave but I’m working on it and am proud to say I have done my best ziplining, surfing…. sort of, white water rafting, shark cage diving, gorilla trekking, aqua hiking, horse riding and flying in helicopters without throwing up.

I just can not get excited about food although I do love to eat, but not funny stuff. I will never be an urban hipster unless someone starts a new trend for a vintage variety, and I will always chose a cappuccino over a flat white.

I enjoy meeting new places through the stories of the people, love being outside, in nature or on a beach. I am trying to master photography and having the time of my life experimenting, failing and spending thousands of hours on the same beach taking sunset shots of Table Mountain.

I believe in responsible tourism and earth friendly living, although 22 flights in 3 months does not give me a low carbon footprint. I do recycle, conserve energy and shout out for animal rights in tourism and hands off our wildlife. At the places I visit I always like to find out about community projects and eco- friendly initiatives.

I have a fascination with fire, and although it has nothing to do with travel, fires are a big reality in summer in Cape Town, and my youngest son is a firefighter, so expect the occasional post about fires.

Join me on my travels as I try to be adventurous, fail at being a foodie and admit that I will never be a ninja.

When I am not travelling, writing, editing, taking pics, pitching stories, Tweeting, posting, liking and sharing, my off-line life is lived out in Cape Town.

I am mom to two sons and gran to an adorable 3 year old girl and a baby boy. Various dogs and a bitch of a cat called Chicken are in charge of my house. I read compulsively, fight with technology continuously and I am very attached to my phone. I can usually be found on a beach with my camera instead of at my desk in front of the computer.

I love to laugh, enjoy life and choose happiness and a positive outlook most of the times. I do have the odd grumpy day, especially when I am tired. I try to always be kind, the world really needs more kindness.

Anything else you want to know, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Much of my travel is as part of a media group, some is independent and some is partially or fully sponsored. I only accept trips / jobs for activities and places that interest me, and yes I do get paid, it is my job.

I write about the places and activities that are highlights for me. My opinions are always my own and I do not accept payment for a rave review.

I get given apparel and gadgets from time to time and accept and review them if they are relevant to my lifestyle. I do not approach brands or destinations and offer exposure in exchange for accommodation or activities.

I like to build relationships with the people that I work with. Everything is up for discussion or negotiation.

If you would like to work with me  please get in touch and request my media kit and a meeting.