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In celebration of 333 years, Happy Birthday Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia is Cape Town’s most delicious icon.

Perfectly located on the slopes of Table Mountain, the views of the vineyards, mountains and ocean are spectacular.

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but July is the birthday month of Groot Constantia and on the 13th they will be celebrating in style.

You certainly do not have to be a lover of fine wines to enjoy the Groot Constantia Estate, it is a destination for everyone, and welcomes  visitors from all over the world.

Read on to find out why this estate is worthy of a visit, for locals and tourists alike.

The oold gate at Groot Constantia

Welcome to Groot Constantia

Three fun facts that are hard to beat.

  1. Groot Constantia has been continuously producing wine for 333 years.
  2. Groot Constantia is the oldest wine estate in South Africa.
  3. The Groot Constantia trademark is one of the longest surviving trademarks in the world.

Three audio tours to enhance your experience.

Voice Map, a local company have developed three location specific audio tours for Groot Constantia. Light hearted and informative they allow you to discover the estate at your own pace. Download all three from the VoiceMap website.

  1. Deep Roots and Trade Routes.
  2. The Museum guide, Groot Constantia, home to South African Wine.
  3. Cellar Guide, from berry to barrel to bottle.

Three birthday wishes for Groot Constantia.

Floricius Beukes is the viticulturist at Groot Constantia. He works closely with wine maker extraordinaire, Boela Gerber, to consistently create award winning wines.

I asked him what his three birthday wishes are for Groot Constantia. His passion for this estate and the work that they do comes through loud and clear in his answers.

  1. That God will bless this farm another 333 years
  2. That Groot Constantia will be protected as one of the world’s heritage sites
  3. That Groot Constantia wines will always be one of the must have’s in your collection
Groot Constantia's historical museum

Step back in time in this historical homestead at Groot Constantia.

 Three distinct aspects of the Groot Constantia Estate.

  1. The wine, obviously. But did you know there are three different venues where you can experience a tasting or pairing?
  2. The history. Groot Constantia oozes history and even has a museum on site. Wander through the Manor House and get an idea of how life was lived back in the day.
  3. The Green aspect. Did you know the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) awarded Groot Constantia the status of Conservation Champion in recognition of their conservation focused farming practices? Chat to the staff to find out more about how this estate is pioneering the future.

Three things that make the CEO proud

Jean Naude is the CEO of Groot Constantia and I asked him to tell me three things that make him proud to be part of Groot Constantia.

  1. We are not only preserving heritage, we are still in the process of making it.
  2. We were given a fantastic foundation to build on. The terroir, heritage, scenic beauty, proximity to Cape Town and the architecture brings a daunting opportunity forward. The biggest challenge is to make sure that each and every opportunity that comes with it are used and fully exploited without affecting the heritage atmosphere of the Estate.
  3. Annually thousands of people across the globe have the need to visit Groot Constantia. We have the privilege of working and spending most of our time here.

Three things for the kids to do at Groot Constantia.

  1. Tempting as it is to chase them, rather watch or feed the ducks that run around outside Simon’s Deli and swim in the two ponds in front of the Cloete Cellar.
  2. Find and explore the three hundred year old hollowed out tree. You can climb right inside it. It’s magical.
  3. Walk up the oak lined avenue and find the historical bath which is an old fashioned swimming pool. Swimming is not allowed, but the area is secluded and ideal for running around. It also has the best views of the ocean in the distance.

 Three unusual facts about the Cloete Cellar.

The Cloete Cellar was recently refurbished and is now a stylish tasting venue. It also houses some interesting historical pieces. Look out for the plaque where an extremely old bottle of Grand Constance has been sealed in a time capsule in the wall.

  1. The architecture is French in contrast to all the Dutch influence elsewhere on the Estate.
  2. Most of the famous Constantia wines that caught the attention of global Aristocrats in the late 1700 and early 1800, due to its exceptional quality, was produced in this building.
  3. The gable was copied and duplicated on the KWV Head Office Building in 1958. The KWV was started in 1918 as a Co-operative with the purpose of uniting all South-African wine farmers. It is significant that this piece of art from Groot Constantia was chosen to fulfill this unifying role.

Groot Constantia, the historic Cloete Cellar

Three more reasons to visit Groot Constantia.

  1. It’s an all year round destination. Cozy fires are lit in winter and in summer picnics are popular and outdoor table settings are available at both restaurants.
  2. It’s a family friendly destination.
  3. There’s chocolate. Delicious hand crafted and paired with Groot Constantia wine.

Groot Constantia is open seven days a week, it is only closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day. Tastings are available between 9am and 4pm.

Go and celebrate their 333rd birthday with them.

For more information browse Groot Constantia

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