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STUDIO 46 in Blaauwberg

A lone figure walks slowly along the beach.

Head down, she navigates a path between the coarse sand and the shallow rock pools, pausing occasionally to look out over the bay at the magnificent view.

As the first rays of sun hit Table Mountain, lighting the granite in a warm glow, she continues, intent in her task, slowly filling a small cloth bag with items that interest her.

This is where you will find Hettie Wainwright most mornings.

On the beach in front of Stadler Road in Blaauwberg.

Beach combing

Meet Hettie Wainwright

Hettie is a bundle of creative energy and bouncy positive vibes with a very strong “can do” attitude. She is surprisingly practical for such a creative soul. Born with a hearing impairment, hard work and determination led to her getting a degree in Jewelry Design and Manufacture, and opening Studio 46.

Her skill set ranges way beyond making beautiful jewelry, she is also highly competent at sewing, fashion design, carpentry, and photography.

Sea glass and silver ring

It has been a long road with many setbacks and unexpected detours. Today Studio 46 is a successful business, perfectly located in Stadler Road in Blaauwberg, just steps from the beach and opposite the famed On the Rocks Restaurant– Hettie’s favourite coffee spot.

A cooling spray from the ocean while searching the rocks for flotsom and trash

Visit Studio 46

Studio 46 is many things.

 It’s a shop that sells Hettie’s jewelry and the work of 37 other selected local artists and where Hettie’s mum, Louise, paints and sells her works.

Hettie has two very distinctive ranges.

Ocean Inspired

Wainwright Fine Jewelers.

This is Hettie’s high end business where she creates bespoke pieces for clients. She is a proudly South African artist using diamonds, gold, platinum, and other precious stones from her beloved country.

She describes this work as “I listen to my clients dreams and create the jewelry piece that has been haunting them in their sleep.” 

The Atlantic Jewel

This range reflects Hettie’s love of the Cape West Coast and where she can express her deep affinity the environment and natural world on her doorstep. She is a 5th generation “Bloubergstrander” and grew up as a free range child in Stadler Road.

The Atlantic Jewel range is inspired by the ocean and our iconic Table Mountain.

Shells, cuttlefish, anemone’s, barnacles, sand, driftwood, and sea glass all inspire her with their textures and colours. Her pieces made with beach glass or wave smoothed pebbles are gorgeous, and her silver designs inspired by various shells, urchins, and anemones quite unique.

Urchin ring

One of her trademark designs is recreating the textures and patterns found in cuttlefish shells. She uses a technique of casting molten metal into the shell, creating a mold. The mold is used to recreate the delicate design found inside the shell.

“Sustainability is an important part of my approach in jewelry manufacturing, especially when working with organic matter like shells.

This is why I take successful cuttlefish casts and make silicone moulds of them, so that they can be reproduced without burning more shells.” explains Hettie.

Cuttlefish Inspired

My beach encounter with Hettie was like finding a soul mate. Someone who connected with this stretch of coastline, appreciating the moods, noticing subtle changes, visiting daily and never failing to find something new to be delighted by. We walked, talked and picked up trash and treasures, something Hettie does every day.


Studio 46 really is “The heart of West Coast Art” 

Well worth a visit, as you can shop for a wide range of unique silver jewelry across a broad price spectrum, make an appointment for a consultation for a bespoke dream creation.

Take home an original fine art painting on canvas by a local artist, or buy a beautiful sculpture.

Select a mounted photographic print of Cape Town, Table Mountain or the coast and browse the selection of ceramic pottery items.

Blaauwberg is where the West Coast Way starts, and Stadler Road is the ideal spot to gaze at the iconic Table Mountain views, grab a coffee or breakfast at On The Rocks restaurant, and then head off to discover the rugged natural wonders of the wild West Coast.

For themed routes, itineraries and 101 things to do, go to the experts, West Coast Way From sustainable seafood, active adventures, culture and heritage, artists, arts and crafts, mountains, rivers and beaches, they have a route that will thrill your soul. Get out there and explore.

Pebble Bracelet

Unleash your own creativity

Studio 46 offers painting classes on a Thursday and Friday morning and every second Saturday.  For more info: Louise via WhatsApp on +27723843434

Coming Soon

Watch this space for pop up markets and flash bomb art displays.

Details will be shared on social media, so don’t miss out.

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Tel: 021 554 1169

Cell: 074 369 4294

Email: [email protected]

Hettie’s bag of trash and treasures
Shell Pendant
Pebble necklace
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