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Top 25 reasons to #ShotLeft in South Africa

Shot Left ?

In tourism terms, taking a #shotleft is to take a break, a day out, a weekend away or a mini break in South Africa.  

Shot left is derived from South  African township & taxi terminology. When you want to get off you tell the driver to sho’t left.

Loosely translated it means stop just here.


 Why should you take a #ShotLeft?

 A F F O R D A B L E   |    E A S Y   |   A W E S O M E   |    P A T R I O T I C   |   F U N


Are you going to just sit back and do nothing?  Let visitors have all the fun while you slave away and feel stressed?

If they can plan awesomeness from another country, you can plan a #shotleft .

It is so easy.

S E R I A A S !


What do you enjoy, cos we have:

  1.  Oceans
  2.  Mountains
  3.  Beaches
  4. Cities
  5.  Dorps
  6. Bush
  7.  Big 5
  8.  World Heritage sites
  9.  Forests
  10.  Lakes
  11.  Awesome people
  12.  Culture
  13.  Urban vibes
  14.  Rich history
  15.  Adventure
  16.  Extreme adventure
  17. Chill
  18. Chill into a coma
  19. Golf
  20. Watersports
  21. Art and theatre
  22. Markets
  23. Spa’s and wellness
  24. Safari
  25. More awesome people

We don’t care if you:

Walk, fly, run, drive, cycle or sail, just take a #shotleft

Catch a train, a taxi, a cruise ship or a bus, just take a #shotleft

Go by car, motorbike, horse or donkey cart, just take a #shotleft

You can go for a day, a weekend, 3 days or 10, just take a #shotleft

Go down the road, to the next town, to the middle of nowhere, to another province, just take a #shotleft

Use the National roads or the dirt tracks, just take a #shotleft

Take your granny, your kids, your chommies, your luvvie, or go all alone, just take a #shotleft

Yes, you can afford it.

Just decide.

Then it’s as easy as a little less Nando’s or Woolies easy meals, not so much Klippies and Coke, and boom, you will have some spare Mandelas for a #shotleft.

Then all your chommies will get jealous and they will want to come with you, or have their own, better #shotleft, and soon the whole country is taking #shotlefts all over the place.

Then the economy will boom, and your wife’s brother and Tannie Lettie will finally get jobs, and  then even they can afford a #shotleft.

You will not get irritated by these tourists who know more about Mzansi that you do, and you can tell them about the places they should have gone to. In a smiling and friendly manner of course.

Your kids will love you for it, and you will save money on all the gadgets you don’t need to buy them.

Go to the website at the top of the page, or just stick a pin anywhere on the map of South Africa and you will find something WOW for your first #shotleft .

Then tell me where you are going.


you have to do it,

for your country.

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