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The magic number 67

Today is a magic rainbow day that brings out the best in all of us.

Not that South Africans are not pretty awesome most of the time, but today we are all a little more shiny, a little more smiley and our hearts are big and wide open.Today many South Africans truly embrace being the best they can be.

Could we all use the magic of 67 a little bit everyday? 

We cant do the big gestures of today all the time, but here are a few ideas of getting 67 magic spreading and multiplying into a tidal wave of goodwill.

  • if 67 people decided to smile at 67 people everyday,
  • which made those people smile at 67 x 67 people….
  • which led to a nation of smiles every day
  • if 67 people decided to be positive every day
  • and told 67 other people
  • who told 67 other people
  • if 67 people decided to greet strangers every day
  • if 67 people donated themselves, their time, their stuff
  • and gave 67 other people ideas on how and where to do so
  • if 67 people in 67 suburbs of 67 towns decided to get to know their neighbours
  • who told their friends, who told their friends
  • who posted on Face Book and Twitter and shared with 67 of their closest friends
  • and 67 of those people decided to get involved in their communities………………..

My maths sucks, but if you multiply all those 67’s you get to a number that is greater than our population. That adds up to a huge amount of people embracing ubuntu. The spirit of ubuntu are the bricks we should use to build the road that leads to our rainbow.

It can be done,  we all have something to give, something to offer, something to make a difference.

It can all start today with one smile.

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