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A car, a camera and Cape Town

There are hundreds of kilometres of roads to explore in Cape Town and many different ways of doing it.

Having only half a day to play, we chose to stay close to the CBD and this is what we got up to.


Our ride for the day was a huge don’t mess with me Land Rover that was perfect for four chattering females. It had gadgets that beeped and  flashed cautions and instructions, leaving us free to concentrate on the talking and the scenery most of the time.

We all agreed that coffee was the best way to start the day, and having it at a scenic spot outside would allow us to put the car through its paces.

Victoria Road hugs the coastline past Camps Bay, and Detour Expresso Bar is a small trailer parked on the roadside producing seriously awesome brews . The space is shared with traders of local crafts, epic ocean and mountain views and plenty of fresh air.






Raring to go after a caffeine fix, we headed back towards the city and up into the BoKaap to walk around the historical, colourful streets.


This neighbourhood is one big photo opportunity. It is also where real people live so please be mindful before you start clicking away. It is always a good idea to ask permission before taking photographs of the local residents. Many are happy to pose, answer questions and tell stories but they are not obliged to do so.




The BoKaap has a fascinating history that is worth discovering, with or without a camera.


From the BoKaap we travelled back towards town and into Woodstock to take in some street art. So much talent to be seen here.


The best way to experience this is on a guided tour or in a group with an audio guide by Voice Map an app that can be downloaded onto your phone.


Our last stop was to The Old Biscuit Mill  in Woodstock where the creativity of Cape Town is still evident, this time as functional art in the buildings and spaces and as culinary art at our lunch venue, The Pot Luck Club.


This restaurant is situated above life on the street and is accessed via a glass lift. Arrive hungry because this is more than lunch, it is a feast.



Disclosure and thanks to Around About Cars for the vehicle, The Pot Luck Club for the taste bud treat Thanks must also go to Dawn Jorgensen, Fiona Rossiter and Kathryn Rossiter for being inspiring travel companions and The Travel Manuel family for making it all happen.

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