#Shotleft Cacadu Itinerary. Um, I’m not really a #ninja

So, I did trek to see Gorillas in Uganda, that is quite a ninjary thing to do, although I was accompanied by gun wielding rangers, so very low level ninja skills were required.

I am leaving on Wednesday to explore the Cacadu District in the Eastern Cape, and I can’t wait.

A beautiful place full of lovely people who have put together a really great itinerary for me.

So, I better confess, I am not really a ninja.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but sadly it is true.

I am looking forward to all the activities and will have huge amounts of fun, but it is best to expect funny fails rather than extreme ninja antics.

On day 1 we have a beach hike and cleanup, Penguin Rehab, Chokka Industry waste management, Kromme Trust Heritage Centre and a Harbour Walk.

Apart from being attacked by a rogue penguin or falling off the Harbour wall I think this is all manageable, unless I stand on a fish hoek and sever a tendon, in which case, my ninja ignore the pain will need to kick in.

Day 2 starts with a nice sedate visit to Talhado Recycling Project followed by a tour of the Art Route. Then we are off to JBay for some light conservation at Supertubes, surf art, and slightly concerning, Martin wants to show us his etchings. I shall endeavour to keep my reputation intact. I am sure Martin is lovely and my ninja self defence will not be required.

Day 3 gets concerning. Have you ever heard of a surfing ninja? No, me neither, but we are having a surfing lesson. Never mind the sharks that could eat me, I will probably fall off the board repeatedly. I anticipate hilarious photographs for this activity, and some frost bite too!

We then proceed to a trauma unit, hopefully as visitors and not as patients, before heading into the wildness of  Gamtoos and the Baviaans Experience. This could mean anything, as “experience” is not detailed. I am imagining wild animals or activities where I will want to say

“um, actually, I am too scared to do that”.

I will do my best to activate my ninja bravery and say yes to all. Watch this space………

Day 4 we are still in remoteish areas visiting the Spekboom project, this is good, I am very happy with trees, then we visit an embroidery project which could be dangerous. I have great respect for anyone who can wield a needle and create a thing of beauty. I usually impale myself and create a bloody mess.

The Protea Farm and photo opps at Eersterivier sound marvellous, so long as I don’t fall down a mountain or out of a tree. I tend to get into tricky situations trying to get that great shot with the perfect angle.

Day 5 finds us in Tsitsikamma National Park, a place to thrill the soul of ninja adventurous types. We are doing lilo / kyaking, hikes, bridge walks and knowing my very brave travel companions DawnJorgensen and LindaMarkovina we will be flinging ourselves off bungee bridges, treetop canopies, and other things that are too scary to write down.

Maybe I will leave them to it and pretend to be too busy taking notes about conservation with the SANPARKS staff, or maybe, just maybe, I will find my pretend ninja power and be brave.

Ninja or not, it’s going to be fun so please watch this space, follow the #shotleft on Twitter and Instagram and laugh along with me as I try to keep up with the real travel #ninjas

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  • Reply Firefly - Jonker 4th August 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Looking forward to see you guys on Saturday afternoon and spend the afternoon and next morning with you. Perhaps I’ll venture along for the lilo trip….

  • Reply Di Brown 4th August 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Yes, you can be a ninja!

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