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It’s never too late to start caring for your skin.

I have been living in this face for almost 61 years, much of it spent outside in the harsh African sun.

Sun damage from my youth has taken a toll, and I have had a few surgeries to remove growths, so sun protection is vital for me now.

My skin is fair, I burn easily but never go brown, I either peel, or get freckles ☹ For the last 10 years I actively try to stay out of the direct sun, and always wear sunblock.

African Extracts SPF 30

I get hot flushes and night sweats, the joys of menopause. This causes blocked pores and dull skin, not a good look at any age.  All the travelling I do means I am sometimes (almost always ☹) a bit slack with the skin care regime, often only packing moisturizer and just washing my face with soap and water.

Now, thanks to African Extracts, I completed a 28 day trial of their skin care range for mature faces, and I can definitely see good results.

I visited African Extracts at their offices in Paarden Eiland and chatted to the Operations Manager, Ayesha Sasman, and Senior Technical Advisor, Emma Tiffin to make sure I was using the products in the correct order and to get a better understanding of how they actually work.

The Power of Toner

Cleanse, tone, moisturize, we all know the phrase, yet so many women, myself included, see toner as an optional extra. I would never let myself run out of cleanser or moisturizer, but toner was never a priority. Silly me.

Toner is a vital yet under rated skin care product and is a very important part of the skin care regime for mature skin. Firstly, after cleansing, it removes any remaining impurities and dead skin cells- the ones that make your skin look dull.

Did you know that your pores enlarge with age? I did not, this makes using toner even more important as it closes your pores, reducing the chance of impurities getting in.

Toner balances the ph (acid, alkalinity) of your skin and prepares it to accept your moisturizer and serum, maximizing those benefits. The African Extracts toner uses witch hazel instead of alcohol as a base for their toner. This plant that contains tannins and has many benefits, including tightening the skin naturally.

The Secret of Serum

For me serum was an extra product, a spoil, not a must have. That said, having used it for a month, it is now on my list of must have products.

Applying the serum is a spoil on its own, it’s like liquid silk and spreads easily, only one pump is needed to cover the whole face.

Serum must be applied after toner and before moisturizer for maximum benefit. It is full of “actives” one being Hyaluronic acid. This is made up of small molecules that penetrate the skin to the basal level, then enlarges, plumping up the skin. It also adds and locks in moisture which is key to great looking skin.

This is not the only superpower ingredient. African Extract Serum also contains Bio-Active Rooibos extract which is rich in unique antioxidants that combat free radicals which are known to cause skin ageing. Vitamins C and E, olive and flower stem cells, peptides and ceramides all contribute to the serums ability to achieve a smoother, more hydrated looking skin.

Ageing Gracefully

For me ageing gracefully is not Botox, facelifts, and chemicals, rather it’s working with natural ingredients and products to achieve healthy skin and the best look for my age.

I achieved a healthier and more radiant skin simply by intentionally incorporating a daily skin care regime that is easy to maintain. Routine and hydration are key factors in skin care, and by adding both into your everyday life, results are guaranteed. The most notable difference is the smoothness of my skin. The small lumps, bumps and dullness that are often a result of not always removing makup and lack of hydration have completely disappeared, I’m loving it.

I love the fact that African Extracts are natural and locally made, because in my book, buying local is always lekker, and natural is always my first choice.

The magic ingredient in all the African Extracts products is rooibos, South Africa’s very own superpower plant that is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.  The Bio-Active Rooibos extract is made from a select blend of green rooibos and is processed inside grapeseed oil. Olea Vitae is another super performing ingredient, it is basically olive tree stem cells that serve to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles. Vitamin C is an important ingredient in this skin care range. It has a brightening effect and helps fade those dreaded age spots. ☹

My African Extracts Regime, all from the Advantage Range.

Morning:  Creamy Cleanser, Misting Toner. Hydrofirm-C+ Serum followed by Hydrofirm SPF 30 Multi Protect Moisturiser.

Evening: Creamy Cleanser, Misting Toner and Hydrofirm- C+ Serum followed by Hydrofirm- C+ Night Cream- anti wrinkle formula.

Weekly:  Hydrofirm- C+ Night Cream- anti wrinkle formula as a face mask.

                2 in 1 scrub and mask.

This morning and evening routine literally takes 3 minutes to do, and the weekly facemask about 15 minutes.


After 28 days I have used a quarter of the products, so I am guessing they will last me for 4 months. The total cost of the above range is R1353.

The products in the daily regime come to R1220, divide that by 4 and you have an affordable monthly cost of R305. The 2 in 1 exfoliating scrub and mask for weekly use is R132,99 and will probably last for a year. 

The African Extracts website has a useful skin care quiz that helps you select the best products for your skin type and age. You can take the quiz here.

Disclosure. This skin trial was part of a paid campaign. Opinions are my own. Since completing this trial I have bought more Serum and I will continue to use the African Extracts Advantage Range as they are working for me, and suit my budget.

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