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The Alchemi Challenge

Alchemi Vitality all your daily vitamins in one drink.
Alchemi Vitality from Noon Gun Brewery

With Covid 19 changing our lifestyle, it is so important to do what we can to boost our immune systems.

This is particularly important for frontline workers, and not just those in the medical field, but all the heroes who show up day after day to provide an essential service. We salute the teachers, cashiers, packers, petrol attendants and rubbish collectors to name just a few unsung heroes.

When Ryan Enslin and I heard about Alchemi, it just so happened that he was driving a Ford Ranger, and I was using a Ford Kuga. When Alchemi challenged us to see who could fit the most of this product into our cars, we jumped at it.

You can view the story in the video below.

Alchemi Vitality is a product of Noon Gun Brewery. It is a functional drink that contains the recommended daily dose of all the vitamins and minerals required to be a healthy human.

Why swallow your vitamins when you can drink them in a tasty lemon flavoured drink?

I took some Alchemi Vitality to the petrol attendants at the busy Total Garage in Blaauwberg on a cold blustery day. This was their reaction.

I ran a completion on social media to see who could guess how many bottles I managed to get into the Kuga.  ( I beat Ryan by a whopping 19 cases 😊)

So who won?

There were only 2 correct answers on Facebook, Shirwyn Weber and Karen Merret. The answer was a massive 38 cases = 912 bottles.

But there can only be one winner, so a flip of a coin says Congratulations SHIRWYN WEBER.

Please connect with Alchemi Vitality of FaceBook and Instagram and to connect with Ford, find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to all who joined in the guessing game fun.


Disclaimer. This initiative is part of a paid campaign with Noon Gun Brewery, the makers of Alchemi Vitality. Opinions are my own.

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