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Thank you City Lodge Pinelands #SlumberGames

New to Twitter, and Slumber Games is the first competition I have ever entered, I have to survive the “reaping”

Nerves of steal have turned to a cotton wool mush of desperation and fuzzy thought processes.


n o   p h o n e  | n o   i n t e r n e t  |  w h a t   t o   d o ?

8:30 on a Thursday night, pouring with rain and I am still not connected.

My mobile data has run out and I am wiped out from 12 days of running to Wimpy, friends and anywhere I can connect to stay in the game. This is in between trying to work of course.

I have phoned around and no-one is home. On the verge of a panic attack, I have a  rare flash of brilliance.

My laptop is thrown into the car and off I go to the City Lodge in Pinelands, just down the road.


The night is cold, dark and beyond miserable, my mood is not good, I feel a little foolish and very anxious. The competitor in me has been unleashed, but how far will I go to win this competition. As far as my nearest City Lodge apparently.

I pull up at the entrance to the Lodge, and a little glimmer of hope sparks inside me. Richard and Vulikazi, the guards at the gate welcome me with big smiles and direct me to the parking area.


Warm friendly lighting and happy faces welcome me as I step inside.

The smiles fade a little when I explain my dilemma, but return before I have finished speaking.

“Please, I need to use your wifi, and could some teenage techie geek please set up sms notification for me?” I remember to breathe and lose the anxiety, convincing the staff that I am not crazy, just a little odd perhaps.

Reassuring smiles and some conversation  bring me the night manager, Natalie Plaatjies.

I was installed at a table in the dining room, given the wifi code and offered coffee. Natalie then went and printed all the info about SlumberGames for me, and made all the appropriate sympathetic noises.

I was able to get on to Twitter, answer the question and then go to my profile to ensure I still had 9 lives.

Natalie was unavailable for the photo, but here I am, relieved and happy with Tammy van Niekerk and Vincent Belham, all smiles, another satisfied  customer and a new City Lodge fan.

If they thought I was daft, they hid it well. They made me feel welcome, they listened and they acted.


Bongi Malomboza added to the feel good moment with her jokes while taking the photos and then joined me for a hug and a quick pic.


So I would just like to say thanks to City Lodge Pinelands for truly living the “people caring for people” ethos of the group, and for humouring me with my odd request.

I am having loads of fun with #SlumberGames, and that is was life is all about, enjoyment with some stress thrown in for contrast.

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