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Questions on Death Row. Ode to SlumberGames 2

The power is all yours

Total control

Over me

O R   S O   I   L E D   Y O U    T O   B E L I E V E

You are about to be dumped, but I play with you for my own amusement, for now

I threaten to walk away ,a weak attempt at assertion you think

Your response ……. sweet words, then a tempting reprieve

Do I trust you ? not at all

A small victory, that you were manipulated to concede

A little of your power ?

A little is all it takes

Can you trust me?

You played  games with my life

By your rules.  Except there are no rules

I wonder who is playing who now?

 Tomorrow I  sit on Death row,

You put me there and I examine the game that is my life ,

By taking away what I had to lose you gave me my freedom

Not your best move. Integrity  intact, I shrug off the chains of the seduction

W H O   H A S   T H E   P O W E R   N O W  ?

So quietly I wait for the trap you have might have set

Or have I set a trap of my own?

Your arrogance will never entertain such thoughts

I never reveal everything I know

One of the secrets of success you taught me,  ironic don’t you think

W  A  I  T  I  N  G      A  G  A  I  N   This time not with fear but with delicious anticipation

Has the predator become the prey?

You have not seen my best yet

I wonder who was seducing who?

#SlumberGames you will not defeat me

SlumberGames is a competition presently being run by the City Lodge Hotel Group on Twitter. It started on 1st September with 3 to 4 opinion type questions  being Tweeted at allotted times each day. As the contestants have been whittled down to the last 24 , the questions come at any time of the day or night, with just 10 minutes allowed to Tweet the correct answer. Sleep is no longer an option. The winner of the coveted prize, valued at R70 000, is the last one Tweeting. The prize is a week a year for 2 people for 5 years at any hotel in the group. 

Follow the die-hards on Twitter using the #SlumberGames and while you are about it, take a look at the City Lodge website, special offers and incentive programmes. They also publish an interesting blog with travel and activity suggestions for towns in South Africa.

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