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Durban and Indaba 2015 highlights

I love Indaba, for me it has a slightly magical quality, a buzz that I never find at other travel shows. This year the Indaba team thrilled all bloggers by adding a dedicated day just for us, by way of the International Travel Bloggers Conference. #ITBC

I am  a huge fan of Durban and it’s winter weather which delivered loads of sunshiney warmth to grateful Capetonians.

My Indaba started on Thursday with an Instawalk along the Golden Mile , followed by sundowners at the lovely Moya.

This walk was also the start a 5 day hug-a-thon as bloggers and travel buddies reconnected, and digital friends enjoyed important relationship building face time.




Friday’s ITBC was a huge hit on so many levels. Starting with the selfie sticks that were given to all registered attendees, the day began on a high note and just kept on getting better.

Fabulous speakers sharing tips and success stories, coffee and delicious pastries available all day, lunch from one of two  food trucks, and craft beer or G & T on tap. Just when I thought it could not get any better, I won a GoPro. I must confess, I am still not sure how I won it, as when it was announced I just might have been outside having a quick ciggie, doing the hugging thing and yakking my head off.

William Price is my new favourite hero at SA Tourism, and I have so much admiration for these amazing bloggers Meruschka, Kate, Natalie and Dawn.


Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent at the Durban ICC in a flurry of meetings, info gathering, networking and workshops, with frequent forays up to the media centre to recharge gadgets with power and myself with food, coffee or a seat for 5 minutes.


The best place to be though was the TechZone.

It was here that travel met the future and all things digital were applauded, appreciated and accepted as normal.

Another blogger heaven. The coffee served free all day has to be mentioned, as it was not only local, but also addictively good. A big shout out to Colombo coffee and the folks who served with a smile and a friendly chirp for 9 hours a day, everyday. They are based in Durban, do pay them a visit.

Dane Foreman and Andy Carrie presented an informative talk on Instagram and introduced us to Storehouse, the hottest new sharing platform, check it out and get on board now!



This creative duo also hosted a very informative photography workshop.

Thanks guys, it was both entertaining and  enlightening.

I am putting many of your tips and tricks into practice so you better start giving me little orange hearts on my Instagrams. Please.

Early mornings and evenings were spent down at the beach. Wimpy coffee, camera and cell phone, watching the waves, the skies and the people.  Durbans Golden Mile is alive. About an an hour before the sun comes up the surfers, swimmers, kayaks and canoes start arriving, followed by the runners, walkers, strollers and breakfast seekers. It is dark before 6pm in the evening, but the promenade is busy until about 9pm.

The joy of Durban winter, playing in the sea and wandering around in your summer clothes.










My last day in Durban was spent exploring an architectural marvel, the Moses Mabhida Stadium on a Segway. These strange two wheeled machines will bring out the beaming kid in everyone, they are so much fun. The guided tour has you speeding (at 20 km/ph) around the perimeter, before heading into the stadium, dismounting and walking down onto the pitch from where you can truly appreciate the soaring design, and look up in terror at the height of the platform from which the crazy people take a leap for the Big Swing.

DSC_0365-01  DSC_0370-01-01  DSC_0351-02-01

Sigh, I love my job.

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  • Reply Francoise Armour 19th May 2015 at 9:15 am

    1. Lucky wench for the GoPro and I bet you’re going to have loads of fun with it.
    2. Lekker review of Indaba.
    3. FABULOUS new look for this blog, I lurve it!

  • Reply Di Brown 19th May 2015 at 9:19 am

    Thanks Francoise. Re the new look, I lurve it too, except I am having problems with the layout display when published, grrrrr

    • Reply Francoise Armour 19th May 2015 at 9:39 am

      Looks fine to me but now you said that I’ve scrutinised it and maybe it’s the layout of the pics that you want to improve (try the WP forums). You’ll get it right and in the meantime it’s great – much easier to read that the black background as before.

  • Reply Inma 19th May 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Love this piece!!! Please, allow me to share the pic where I am completely immersed in my duty and getting soaking wet. It is hilarious.

    • Reply Di Brown 19th May 2015 at 1:45 pm

      Of course you can use it. Sorry I did not tag you but I kept getting your name wrong! Now I have all your details. 🙂

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