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City Lodge #SlumberGames. Day 22. Passing time.

It is the 22nd day of the Slumber Games competition. 81 of us left, less actually, but the Question guy, SlumEvil, is a master strategist, and does not update the leader board, just to increase our anxiety.

This day is also the birthday of my mom and my dad. This means a family braai, at my house.

Mowing the lawn and trimming the edges with a vibrating phone in your bra is not my first choice of Sunday morning activities.


Preparation is difficult as my ears are now playing tricks on me. Every time I do anything that makes a noise, I think I hear my phone.

S T O P.    F I N D   G L A S S E S        nothing,…………. or a teaser from SlumEvil.

Continue mowing while harbouring murderous thoughts.

Have a shower, you can bet phone will beep, drive anywhere, ditto.

By midday when family are due to arrive I am ready to fall asleep. Fortunately sons 1 & 2 take charge of braaiing.


I don’t sit down because if I do I think I will fall asleep.


Happy Birthday mom (76) and dad, (82) you guys are amazing.


My mom offers helpful tips for me regarding SlumberGames.

One involved tying a scarf around my head to secure my phone to my ear at night…….. thanks ma

Son tried to rig my phone up to massive speakers, then told me if I had listened and got an iPhone he could have done it.

I love my S3 Galaxy Mini, but I did not argue… too tired, and at least he tried.

The next generation, my adored first grand child, Stella, is oblivious to SlumberGames.

Wish I could conk out like she does.


I did manage to distract myself with her and forget about my phone for a short while, then she fell asleep. JEALOUS!

And she has a Teddy Bear onesie, more jealous.


Carbo loading for a long night.


Taking my time with a long list of chores to keep me awake tonight.

V E R Y  V E R Y  V E R Y  S L O W L Y   I   W I L L  unpack and reload dishwasher, hang up washing, vacuum with phone in my bra, paint nails, open Instagram account, do some work, watch series on laptop.  Yawn a lot, splash face with water.

Question guy. I  W I L L  N O T   S L E E P   T O N I G H T..

SlumberGames is a creative marketing concept being run on Twitter by City Lodge Hotels.

The competition is tough, the prize is worth fighting for, but surprisingly, great connections have been made and the banter and mutual support between the contestants has been ongoing. There are some very talented and funny people in this game.

Follow  #SlumberGames for the next 9 days as Question Guy, or SlumEvil as we call him, tries to eliminate some very determinded Tweeps

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